I decided to write my Ula’ree hood up on my Dreamwidth instead but I just wanted to keep everyone updated so I will post the updates here.. 





Ula’ree is a Medieval town that I am building from the ground up. We start with just one founder and she is slowly working on getting sims to come to her town. I hope you enjoy it and as always Happy Simming ♥

Year 1 – Fall

Julie Gang was nothing but a peasant girl when she ran away from home. 

Her 18th birthday was fast approaching and she was due to marry the shopkeeper she worked for. She refused to and for that she was burned… Now she had scars all over her body from that horrible moment and she just wanted to get away. 

Her dream was to one day be the monarch of her own town, Ula’ree.

Julie was a seamstress by trade, for as long as she can remember her family had always worked with cloth. She wasn’t anywhere as good as her mother or gran but she could make a basic potholder. 

Julie never learned many things well. She was an alright cook but when all you had was stale meat and grain you did the best you could. 

Before Julie’s dad died he taught her one thing that turned up useful, she knew how to set traps and let the food come to her. Long ago everyone hunted for their food but all that energy wasted not to mention many women were left unattended.. Her father was having none of that. He started making traps and bait for pray. He was very successful in feeding his wife and 7 children.

With that knowledge Julie didn’t worry much about starving. 

But winter was fast approaching and it would be the first winter by herself. She had to store enough food to survive. Julie often made baskets to trade and sell. With winter close the flow of people would be short and trading and selling would come to a halt. 

Julie was making one last batch of baskets to sell before that happened. 

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