Let’s share our Dreamwidths!



Let us make a chain post to share our Dreamwidth handles so we can all follow each other on there as Tumblr is looking shaky right now. Add yours!


I just signed up for a Dreamwidth account. Dunno what I’ll do with it yet, if anything, but I now have one. Surprisingly, the username “icad” was available, so that’s what it is. 🙂 There’s absolutely nothing there, though…but there might be in the future, depending on how things go with Tumblr.

Dreamwidth doesn’t have an app 😣 probably not the best choice but mine is hollywood0816.. my usual was taken ..

Orrr everyone could join the wonderful community called Boolprop.net which is an open loving community and it has an app , Tapatalk ♥️.

Welp guys ..

My stuff is getting flagged for explicit content… I may write my post up else where and link it here because Tumblr is about some bullshit .



Hi! So I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to make a Legacy challenge! After an hour or so of deciding what it should be I decided on a Legacy based on TV shows! It is known as the Netflix Legacy! If there are any flaws in the challenge, let me know and I will edit them.


– Can start on any lot but with the standard legacy amount of money (1800)

– Don’t have to stay on the lot you start with

– Mods are allowed 

– Money cheats are not allowed

– Contact me if you have any issues!

Generation 1: How I Met Your Mother

If Robin:

“Its one thing to want something, it’s another to be told you can’t have it”

– Starts when Teen
– Compulsory Traits: Hates Children, Dog Lover
– Reach Level 5 Singing Skill before becoming a YA
– Have 4 really close friends
– Master Social Media Career
– Have 3 Dogs
– Complete Serial Romantic Aspiration
– Never have kids of your own
– When an Adult, either:
        – Adopt and be a single parent
        – Marry someone with one child (the heir)

If Lily:

“Yes, I’m lovable, pretty and wise, but is it enough?”

– Starts when Teen
– Compulsory Traits: Art Lover
– Meet future husband/wife when a teen
– Master Painting Skill
– Do a civil service job until Adult
– When Adult, Master Art Critic/Painting Career
– Master Parenting Skill (Charisma if no Parenthood)
– Complete Painting Aspiration
– Be an Emo as a teenager

– Have 3 Children

Generation 2: Malcolm in the Middle

“You want to know the best part about childhood? At some point, it stops.”

– Starts when Child
– Must have Genius trait
– Must be the middle child
– Must have an over-protective mother
– Be a straight-A student all through life
– Must complete the Whiz Kid Aspiration
– Must complete the Nerd Brain Aspiration
– Choose any career you want but be mindful of the future generations
– Detest your siblings as kids but befriend them as teens/adults

Generation 3: Young and Hungry

“Charm and sexiness just keep oozing out of me!”

– Starts when YA
– Favourite parent dies when teen
– Compulsory Traits: Foodie, Outgoing
– Own a restaurant and visit it at least once per sim week
– Have the restaurant be 5 stars by the time sim is an Elder
– Master Cooking Skill
– Master Gourmet Cooking Skill
– Have an on and off boyfriend until you get married as Elders
– Have at least 2 kids

Generation 4: Stranger Things
    (Playing as Eleven)


– Starts when Child
– Have four close friends as a child
– Move in with a police officer until teen
– Lose all contact with family until YA
– Master Wellness Skill (For the powers)
– Marry one of the four close friends
– Have a near-death experience (Be eaten by a cowplant once? Be creative)
– Complete Friend-Of-The-World aspiration

– Adopt a child-in-need (really poor, criminal parents…)

Generation 5: Jane the Virgin

“Life is full of tough moments, you have to fight for what you want”

– Starts when Young Adult
– Compulsory Traits: Bookworm, Family Oriented
– No Woohoo until marriage (Duh!)
– Have a child without woohoo (Wishing Well, Abduction)
– Master Writing Skill
– Complete Writing Aspiration
– Have a love triangle of some form
– Live with your mother and grandmother
– Have one more child (Two in total)

Generation 6: Girlboss

“There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.”

– Must be YA
– Must have 3 jobs before buying a retail lot (Never beyond Level 2)
– Must only sell things bought/stolen from other places/stores
– Must be Noncommital and Kleptomaniac
– Must master Mischief Skill
– Have 2-3 Kids
– Must get married

Generation 7: Switched at Birth

If Bay:

“I want to be the person you raised me to be but I’m also the person I was born to be”

– Starts when Baby/Teen
– Get switched with a baby from a different household (of your choice)
– Don’t find out until a teen
– Reach level 5 Painting skill
– Reach level 5 Guitar Skill
– Complete Renaissance Sim aspiration
– When he/she finds out about being switched, start to rebel (date, get a piercing etc)
– Have two children
– Child is taken by a cult leader

If Daphne:

“Never thought I’d be the kind of girl who’s caught up in some outsider label of who’s cool”

– Starts when Baby/Teen
– Get switched with a baby from a different household (of your choice)
– Don’t find out until a teen
– Compulsory Traits: Family Oriented
– Have a negative trait that’ll make it harder to play as her
– Move in with biological parents when teen
– Master Fitness Skill
– Complete Fitness Aspiration
– Have two cats (Why not?)
– Have three children
– Child is taken by a cult leader

Generation 8: Unbreakable – Kimmy Schmidt

“If this is your idea of a joke, then you belong in a Woody Allen film because I’m not laughing.”

– Compulsory Traits: Childish, Goofball
– Starts when a Child

– Live underground with 3 strangers until YA
– When a YA, move to a dumpy apartment with a slobby roommate
– Befriend a rich woman and your landlord
– Have at least 5 jobs before becoming an Astronaut
– Reach Level 10 in Rocket Science
– Reach Level 10 in Logic
– Go to Sixam

Generation 9: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

“Do you ever want to punch yourself in the face for liking someone a lot?”

– Compulsory Traits: Lazy, Romantic
– Complete the Detective Career
– Master Mischief Skill
– Kill your mother’s abducter (No one can see this happen)
– Fall in love with your co-worker
– Become best-friends with a co-worker
– Have your best-friend nearly die or die
– Have 5 kids

Generation 10: Victorious

“I am not your missing link”

– Starts when a Teen
– Compulsory Traits: Outgoing, Music Lover
– Have all your siblings fall in love before you
– Max Singing Skill before Adult
– Max Piano Skill
– Complete Entertainer-Musician Career
– Have a taboo love
– Have 2 kids (if you want to continue)

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